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Adhesive Transfer Aisle Marking
Use for mounting and holding various substrates. Excellent for splicing materials
Use for lane marking, color coding and identification of safety and caution areas
Carton Sealing Dispensers
2" and 3" clear carton sealing tape. Offered in several thicknesses.
Choose from our standard or deluxe Workhorse series dispensers. Engineered for long wear.
Dispensers Water Activated Duct
Available in Manual or Electronic Models
Excellent for general purpose packaging, bundling, sealing, repairing and holding
Flat Back Masking Gaffers
6.2 mil pressure sensitive paper tape. Stronger than masking tape yet tears easy.
12 mil for A/V, TV, photography, lighting and wiring
Label Protection Masking Tape
Protection of shipping labels and other printed surfaces against damage.
4.8 mil general purpose packaging, bundling, holding, splicing, masking and industry.
Painters Masking Pre-Printed
5.7 mil 14 day UV and sunlight resistant indoor/outdoor paint masking
Tape communicates a message and seals at the same time.
Strapping Tape Water Activated Tape
4.8 mil strong tensile stregth, case sealing, packaging, bundling, unitizing and palletizing.
Water activated adhesive provides an instant, agressive bond to most corrugated surfaces. Fiberglass reinforcing filaments provide excellent tensile strength.